Arts and Crafts

Raffaele La Scala's collection, already recognized by the Assessorship for Cultural Heritage of the Sicilian Region and and registered at the REI (Registry Intangible Heritage) with the UNESCO's mark, can be seen with guided tours into Villa La Scala, near Agrigento's Valle dei Templi, in a beautiful background full of typical Mediterranean colors: green like nature, blue like sea, red like passion and warmth of Sicilians and Sicily. The collection has already been honored and eulogized by the writer Andrea Camilleri and by the old Italian Republic President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. The frame affectionate and competent of the members of the family La Scala, is the guide more appropriate to view the charriots and listen to the history of arts and crafts, and to revive the socio-cultural environment of the wheelwright, a role that has now disappeared.

Boat excursions

On the beautiful Rowena, an extraordinary experience along Agrigento coast. Sail navigation to admire Scala dei Turchi, Punta Bianca and the watch towers. Stop to swim, snorkeling, sub-baptism with scuba tank and divemaster, lunch on board. TOMMY MORGAN

Cooking class

GoSicily: cook, eat, explore..., organized by the Cultural Association “Go Sicily” provides for typical sicilian cooking courses for tourist, enogastronomic routes and didactic laboratories for children. The Association born from people that love their land, Sicily. Give priority to the organic food and our territory's fresh products and cook them like our grandparents have done in the past is their objective. Courses take place in an amazing location: Favara's Farm Cultural Park, near Sette Colli in the center of Favara town. They take a time of 3-4 hours, are organized for a minimum of two people, in black space "N'Zemmula" of the Farm Cultural Park, every Tuesday and Thursday (on Thursday there is the visit of Favara's Mercato Biologico to buy ingredients), on reservation. Other week days can be reserved anytime with 48 hours before notice. GoSicily organizes, moreover, enogastronomic routes offering always on reservation: - guided tours of territory's wine cellars, with wine


Exclusives and gorgeous routes into the Valle dei Templi or in the sicilian hinterland, unknown by the most of people with its Natural Reserves and its beautiful mountains and valleys where you can find little jewel-villages that preserve sicilian traditions. ALESSANDRO FRANCO


A way to discover undersea fauna and flora, and also underwater relics; all the secrets of Agrigento sea.

Literary Parks

This is a proposal for schools, to discover Literary Parks of the Writers' Way". A didactic itinerary that will make you discover places that had inspired the 4 most important Sicilian writers of the 900s: Pirandello, Tomasi di Lampedusa, Sciascia and Andrea Camilleri.


Go shopping in the natural center of Atenea street and surroundings.