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Natural Reserve of the River Platani


The Natural Reserve of the River Platani is a place of enchanting natural beauty, a protected natural area of established by Sicilian Region to protect the particular coastal ecosystem and the many species of birds living there such as herons, herring gull, purple heron and the marsh harrier.

This is the first landfall area for many migratory birds from Africa which are able to establish different ecological niches thanks to a diversified environment.

The area covers a long stretch of coastline from Cattolica Eraclea in Ribera and includes the final part of the river Platani and the surrounding land.

The coastal landscape is distinguished by the colors of the water similar to the African seas and a alternation of sand dunes and rocks among which stands the magnificent cliffs of Capo Bianco, while on the plateau above you can see the remains of the ancient Greek theater of Eraclea Minoa.