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Mussomeli's castle

1 Viale del Castello CL

Surrounded by mysteries and legends, the castle is situated two kilometers far from Mussomeli.

It is said that in 19th July 1975, castle's guard, Pasquale Messina, has seen for the first time the Guiscardo de la Portes' ghost.

He was a young and beautiful man that arrived in Sicily in 1392 with king Martino, to suppress some insurrections.

Guiscardo had left at home his wife Esmeralda, that in that time was pregnant of his first son, but he was killed while he was going to Mussomeli's castle, by followers of Don Martinez, who hated him because he loved Esmeralda.

At the point of death, rather than pray, Guiscardo has railed against God, that condemned him to wander for one thousand years on earth before passing away.

Mussomeli Castle was built between 1364 and 1367

It seems that the castle's building has been started by Manfredi III Chiaramonte, Carlo Magno's heir.