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Farm Cultural Park

Favara AG IT

Farm cultural park is a Cultural and touristic center installed in Favara's old town center, a little town 6 kilometers from Agrigento's Valle dei Templi.

Seven farmyard, a kind of Sicilian Kasba, from June 2010, are the center of FKP's cultural activity. Art for everyone, not only for insiders, 24h, in the middle of the street and all kind of people.

Exploding cultural projects have characterized the KFC's first two years: temporary and permanent exhibits, house for artist, workshop with children and adults, book's presentations, architectural contests, and much other activities have made the KFC the winner of "Premio Cultura di Gestione" of Federculture in 2011. In 2012 the KFC was invited to the XXIII Architecture Biennale of Venice.

Farm Cultural Park's aim is to give to Favara a new identity linked to contemporaneity, experimentation and hospitality, and to become second district's tourist attraction.

FKP was born from creativity of Florinda and Andrea: a young couple that has decided not to go abroad and stay in Sicily, to become main characters of a little, but beautiful change, to give to their child Carla e Viola a "little pièce" of a better world.