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Touristic-literary tour

1466 km

Agrigento Agrigento AG

A tour that travels through places lived and loved by writers and described in their novels, in contact with essence and personality that marks our literature and theater that thrilled and trained whole generations.

This project starts from the Corriere della Sera's journalist, Felice Cavallaro: he proposed to create a road that links culture and tourism in sicilian places that had inspired writers like Luigi Pirandello, Leonardo Sciascia, Andrea Camilleri, Antonio Russello, Rosso di San Secondo, Simonetta Agnello Hornby and many others, from Racalmuto to Porto Empedocle, walking through Favara and Agrigento up to Caltanissetta.

The “Strada degli Scrittori” crosses the Valle dei Templi, connecting places that were lived by great authors in a touristic-cultural tour that induces the tourist to spend time to enjoy artistic treasures, monuments, archaeological and natural sites and to appreciate wine and food traditions.