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Mussomeli Mussomeli CL

Entering into the heart of the country,  Mussomeli is renowned for its history centre that is full of ancient churches among whieh the main church (Lady of Miracles) stands out thanks to its magesty.

Moreover, Mussomeli is also rich in majestic palaces such as TRABIA PALACE and SGADARI PALACE (where nowadays there’s the Museum).

However ,our masterpiece is the Manfredonic Castle, one of the most famous castles in whole Europe which every day attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world! Our castle is probably so famous becouse it’s surrowded by several spooky legends about an odd and romantic ghost, a young spanish soldier called  Don Guiscardo de la Portes, who seems to appear frequently to the Guardian of the castle.

Standing on a rock spur 80 metres high,it was built in 1364 during the reign  of Manfredi II of Chiaramonte,a local baron.

Probably it was built on the basis of a previous Arabian hamlet,and it was finished around 1400. Manfredi II of Chiaramonte lived here until 1391 and after his death many other Lords owned the Castle such as Moncada de Prades,Castellar de Valencia,Parapertusa,Ventimiglia and the Campo family. In the following centuries the castle became a prison and afterwords it was abbandonated. In 1910 it was restored by order of Pietro Lanza,a discendant of Cesare Lanza. Nowadays the castle belongs to the municipality of Mussomeli.