Acquaviva Platani

Acquaviva Platani Acquaviva platani CL

Acquaviva Platani is a hill town and municipality in the province of Caltanissetta. The city’s name (which means “living water” in Italian) comes from many natural sources in the area. Until 1862, the city was called simply Acquaviva; the name Platani was added to distinguish it from the other three Italian cities named Acquaviva. Plane trees is the name of the river flowing nearby.

The economy is based on agriculture: the production of wheat, olives, almonds, and pistachios are important. In addition, cattle and horse breeding, along with sheep farms provide income. Sights include the Clock Tower (Clock Tower), which was built in 1894, and the 17th century Chiesa Madre (Mother Church), dedicated to Our Lady of Light.